Photo: Ben Hopper

Since 2008, I've been giving juggling workshop to jugglers in professional circus schools (ENC Montreal, Le Lido de Toulouse, la FLIC Turin and Lomme) and to people interested in exploring juggling through my perspective.


These workshops are thought to help develop your own style of juggling, and of circus act. The training courses are divided into two main parts, the research and the writing.


In the research stage, the goal is to provide the participants with various tools and approaches (physical, musical, with objects or partners) that will help them to create juggling material that belongs to them, a personal vocabulary.


Then, the writing aspect of creation, urging and guiding the participants to take decisions that will clarify their technical and artistic proposals, to create an original and coherent act, depending on what the jugglers him/herself wants to create.

I've got experience as well in helping other artists to create or improve their act, so if you want help on creating your act, and that you think I might be able to help you doing it, write me!