This is the page where I speak about myself at the third person

     Florent is one of a kind. His awkward tendencies impose a specific challenge for him, influencing his distinct and captivating body language, and earning him the nickname “Gaston Lagaffe”. He accepts this title with a grin, as he dances away with graceful awkwardness, juggling with ease and perfect coordination.

   At the age of 17, after realizing his weightlifting career was coming to an end, he decided to give himself completely to circus. Over a period of 5 years, 3 of which were spent at the "National Circus School in Montreal", he developed his circus skills, notably juggling, which would become his specialty, and clowning, a skill and passion that he continually nourishes and develops to this day.

   These years of work led him to a silver medal and public prize at the 30th “festival mondial du cirque du demain” in 2009. He  went on to tour the world with different companies such as The 7 fingersGOP and Carré Curieux , enriching his experience performing as a juggler and clown in all kind of venues, styles and audiences from street show in rainy Belgium to big theaters in not so rainy Las Vegas, from TV shows to cabaret.


   In 2020 he joined "Cie Lapsus" with their piece "Le chant du vertige".  And after a mid life crisis, he decided he had to create his own company, "Cirque du ravi" to explore his own possibility and circus creativity through clown  with his first solo show "Entretien avec un jongleur".

 He continues to perform in various projects,  to improve his clowning and music skills taking lessons, and he gives workshops in the hopes of contaminating his audience and pupils, spreading his sweet madness upon those who wish it (and maybe even those who don’t!).