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Teaser "Chopin Breakdown"

Canes, a lot of canes, too many canes, some clubs and a man… With his child's face… Due to juggling too much and not sleeping enough, here is a character on the border of the poetry and the hysteria. On Chopin's nocturne, Florent Lestage pushes his personal research with canes and clubs even farther, to create visual effects and manipulations which are proper to him.

Cane and Clubs

In this weight-defying atmosphere objects take on a new life, encouraging the juggler to help them take flight.

This act got the silver medal and the public prize at the “30th festival mondiale du cirque de demain”.

Coming projects

"Brouhahas d'un jongleur"

"A juggler's chitchats"

Premières summer 2022



  A new creation with Cie Lapsus, premiering in December 2021, waiting for the official text instead of writing stupid things about it.

You can check their website directly


Solo circassien clownesque pour espaces intimes extérieurs ou intérieurs. Durée 40 minutes, à partir de 10 ans.

Solo clown and circus show for out and in/doors, duration 40 minutes.

From 10 years old.

Ce spectacle est la confession d’un jongleur qui aurait voulu être plus. Plus utile, comme un docteur, plus essentiel, comme un politicien, et plus exemplaire, comme Batman.
  Tiraillé entre entre sa soif d’idéaux et les soifs de son égo, frappé de plein fouet par le non « essentiellisme » de son métier,  mon clown jouera la partition du drame de ma vie

There will be self-depreciation, juggling, poetry, stupidity and sweat, an exploration of the humanity of the performer, diving bellow the apparent perfection in search for honesty.

Old projects


"7 fingers"




Teaser "Famille Choisie"

Street show "Petit Frère"

With Florent Lestage and Vladimir Couprie from  "Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! "

How do we define living? How do we define hope? Three young men, reunited randomly in a rather uncertain location, will attempt the impossible: cohabitate. If we were on the moon, this story would entail three spacemen waiting for a rocket.


Editing: Barthelemy Glumineau

Teaser from the show "Famille Choisie" in which I replace Luca Aeschlimann

Vidéo: La lune urbaine