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Hopefully I manage to keep this tour page updated so you can know where to come see me perform.
Otherwise you can see it as the  "name dropping" page.
Octobre 2020
  • Wiesbaden with "La Folia " - Cirque Bouffon

March to November 2020
  • France, Belgium and Luxembourg tour -"Famille Choisie" - Carré Curieux:

  • March 6th to 8th: Spring Festival, Rouen

  • March 14th and 15th: Ferme du buisson Noisel

  • April 1st to 3rd: Garges-les-Gonesses

  • May 1st to 3rd: Fouesnant-les Glénan (Bretagne)

  • May 11th to 15th: Redon (Bretagne)

  • May 22nd to 24th: Hennebont (Bretagne)

  • May 30th and 31th: Landerneau (Bretagne)

  • June 25th to 29th Traffo (Luxembourg)

  • August 27th to 30th Bierbeek (Belgium)

  • German tour with "La Folia " - Cirque Bouffon

  • Reprise de rôle on "Famille Choisie" - Carré Curieux

2015 to 2018
  • Europe tour with more than 100 shows with the clown street show "Petit Frère" - Carré Curieux

  • German tour in variete with "La Luna" in "GOP" (so many shows I lost count)

  • Summer tour with "Flynn Creek" circus around California

January 2015
  • January 30th: Guest artist at 36th "Festival du cirque de demain"

Octobre 2013 to today
  • Performing "Chopin Breakdown" more than 200 performances in many different occasions  (from random birthday party to 1000 seats venues)

From Septembre 2012 to August 2013 :
  • Creation and touring in Europe of "Me, myself and Us" - "Cie Tête D'Enfant" 

July 2012
  • "Corpus Mentalus" with "Les nouveaux nez"- Festival d'Alba La Romaine - France

From June 2009 to June 2012
  • "Psy" with "Les sept doigts de la main" - World tour

January 2009

  • Cane & clubs act: silver medal and public prize at the 30th "Festival Mondial du cirque de demain"-     Paris, France



If anyone is still reading at that point, first of all bravo! And if by any chance you still didn't read enough about me, don't hestitate to ask for my full CV